Well, Introduction is the first step to get into the conversation.

SO, start it wisely.

I would say JUST not to get into a robotic way instead try with formal or unique way as it doesn’t require you to be diplomatic here.

Just be unique while you start your conversation and divide them into parts so the recruiters may find it systematic and attractive.

When you start the initial stuff ensure that you’re not repeating the same stuff again and again.

That will make you not confident and not up to the mark.

In simple words to understand it, show some extra ordinary skills that isn’t relevant with your work. however, you’re passionate about doing that stuff and it could be anything so just let the interviewer knows that when you’re not at work what you do.


Interviewer — As they already got my name and data so I don’t start again with my name.

Me — As you already know my name , I would start with my career.

So, I basically start with my education and I tell them a latest education degree and when I completed and so on.

Then, I start with my job where I’m working and when I started and so on.

The next stuff, I provide a basic introduction of the company so the recruiter gets some idea.

Then, I start the roles and responsibilities and divide them into parts as per conversations and on going questions.

Basically, I start with the day to day activities and apart from that the projects that I contribute and other stuff that I do as part of the work.

Then, I tell some skills that I hold with relevant to job or without relevant to the job.

Before ending the conversation, I tell them that If you’ve any questions apart from job or anything personal that you would like to ask go for it.

If interviewer asks about apart from job what else you do or hobbies and all.

I would say them that apart from job I like writing on technical stuff and knowledgeable stuff that can help us grow in personal and professional career.

When interviewer asks me do you’ve any questions?

Yes, I’ve few questions that I would like to ask.

I basically ask for the kind of work that I gonna do and the shifts timings and opportunities in future and so on.

You should definitely ask the questions about the potential growth and development of skills and so on.

In that way, recruiter will find it good in response to your interview that you’re really or showing some interest in the work that you gonna do here.

It is kind of a good gesture if you ask counterpart questions.

So, this way I give my introduction and I keep it very simple and short to not to make it complicated for the interviewer to understand me as an employee.

Just give simple and short intro that is understandable to the interviewer.

Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.