How to send a message to LinkedIn followers/premium account users or above 500+ connections?

Well, as LinkedIn won’t let you to send messages to the connections those are above 500+ connections and followers.

Here, There is an alternative way out for you to send messages directly to anyone without switching to premium or without sending a connection request or without even following.

Simple, when you try to send a connection to someone, you can send a message while sending and while following.

Here is the example how to send a message.

As you can see that I’m following her as she is holding 500+ connections.

How can I send her a message?

Let’s try sending her a message.

Here, when I try to send a message, I’m being asked to try for premium account to message her.

There is another way to send her a message on LinkedIn and she will get notified about your message and if she wishes she will respond back.

Now, when I click on the 3 dots, I can see option to connect and when I click on connect.

It’ll take me to the below screen and here I can type my message and send her.

In this way, you can send message to anyone on LinkedIn.

It doesn’t matter whether you hold a premium account or a normal account or you’re a connection or follower or he/she isn’t even your connection.

The above way works for all types of accounts.

You just need to choose whom you want to send a message on LinkedIn.




Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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mohammed abdul nawaz

mohammed abdul nawaz

Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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