Getting a job is easy or did we make it complicated?

Uh, to me it is easy, however, it sounds more like to WIN a fight now a days.

Not sure, what’s happening with the IT industry, in order to get a job it is like digging in the mountain and when we reach their it becomes unavailable?

Seriously, it happened to me.

Now a day, I’m putting an extra effort when I receive a call from HR.

I’m just asking with curiosity , Is my profile get shortlisted? because after receiving a initial call, HR would ask about the salary, experience and notice period and than after no call?

Why? the reason would be the package isn’t matching or may be it was just a call to get initial details, it is remain unclear to me.

Great thing happened with me,

I received a call from one of the company even though I’ve never applied and I got shortlisted from the NAUKRI website that I’m not even using since the time I moved to LinkedIn.

Well, I spoke with HR and she asked about the package, experience and and so on and she also described about her company stating that when it was incorporated and so on, I was like oh i think this time I may get the JOB.

I was happy and 1st round of interview happened and it was good to me as per the interviewer as he was satisfied with the work that I’m doing with my current company, it was totally well and he said that he will see how thing works. so I assumed that may be a 50–50 chances.

After a week or so I received another call from HR to schedule the 2nd round of interview with the US panel. I became like DOUBLE happy, something good is happening it seems in my life.

It happened the very next day and it was also good as the interviewer was happy and he was received a good feedback from the 1st interviewer that he told me and also, informed me that he is gonna pass out to the next level.

I was like Uh this is something unbelievable thing is happening with me and I thought something is good here for me and it was making me happy all the day.

After couple of days I received 3rd call from HR and it was for another round basically, the 3rd round, I thought that 2 technical rounds are done and they were really impressed with me and I also liked the work and company, it was like everything was going JUST perfect.

The next day the 3rd round happened and It was also a technical round with one of the company’s technical director.

I thought it should also go well, however, due to some uncertainty the electricity was down and the mobile network wasn’t supportive with ZOOM call and I told her that we should better speak on a call.

I shared my number and we spoke the same stuff again, but the interviewer got some deeper to the knowledge that I was holding and that was the point I thought I should tell her that it is not that much complicated for me to do the job in your company.

But, I didn’t tell her and I continued with the same stuff tried to make her understand the work that I do, however, due to some high level questions that wasn’t part of my role occurred and I wasn’t able to answer them.

I felt like this is something should change, as an experienced employee I can do that even if I’ve never done it before.

That’s why I said, getting a job is easy but we humans made it complicated.

And, In that way I lost the offer and as well as the chance to work for the company where I see a potential growth.

So, the lesson for the hiring manager’s are, give them a chance to PROOF,

Getting rejected in 1st round or 2nd round of interview is OKAY, but not in the 3rd round for the technical stuff that has already been passed by the 2 interviewers.

This is how, we’re making it complicated.





Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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mohammed abdul nawaz

mohammed abdul nawaz

Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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