Enable 2FA for extra security on all your social platforms.

When we use technology we get compromise as well with our sensitive data.

If you want me to illustrate it, it means you’re gone:)

Well, Let me be practical and when I say a security it means it is very sensitive whether it is a document or an image or a file or any other stuff.

Technology will be having advantages and disadvantages as usual.

Technology can either make you or break you when it comes to security, therefore, I always urge to all of you to log-out and close sessions whenever you guys are done even though if you’re connected with private or public network, hacker just requires a sign to get in to your mind, so don’t underestimate anyone.

Google has came up with the google authentication, an extra security layer to all of our accounts. basically, It lets you in by providing a 6 digits code post providing your ID and password to ensure that you’re only logging in as the google authentication will be installed on your registered mobile number only. again, this is also not going to keep you 100% save, but it is worth to have it and not to get trapped.

Having said that, the great feature of the 2FA code is, you can keep it all your accounts whether it is a social media sites or e-commerce sites or any other sites, all under one roof.

Isn’t it cool? If you ask me, yes it is but people are mostly don’t utilize it until they run into the real issues.

Precaution is better then cure doesn’t applies to health care only, it is also applies to security of our data as well. you might not be knowing how and when our data is getting compromised in our day to day activities. if you require an example of how we only leave our identity behind us?

We often go to malls, cinemas and petrol pumps to shop or get our stuff done and we interact with many exiting offers and we submit our information like phone no, email id and name etc. this data will be sold to different call center company’s and they utilize it in the form of leads, you might have noticed that when you don’t ask for a loan and you even get calls to take a loan. did you ever observe that why you’re getting calls? this is called the information that we provide without logic.

It is always better to ask reverse questions to evade from such kind of situations. there are many ways to escape from all these scammer calls but you’ll only be able to succeed it when you actually try to know for what purpose you require this or that information and once you get that attitude right, it’ll going to help you some day when you would actually get into some real scam.

Always be active and keep your eye on your kids/parents activities as they’re not aware of these kind of tactics and they may easily get trapped.

Enable it for your kids/parents accounts first and provide some training or a do’s and don’ts when they try to purchase or make any online payment etc.

This is going to be the one time process for all your accounts and whenever you want to enable 2FA, you just require to scan the QR code in your mobile and it’ll appear in your mobile google authentication.

Steps to follow.

1) Download the google authentication from play store or app store.

2) Install it and after installing, It’ll be showing you a + sign to scan the QR code.

3) Go to LinkedIn >go to your profile photo and in the drop down select settings and privacy.

Once you click on two-step verification, it’ll ask you to select 2fa mode

Say continue and it’ll appear the QR image like this.

Just scan the above QR code with your google authentication and it’ll appear a 6 digit code, that’s it.

The next time you login with your ID and password, you’ll be asked to provide a 6 digit QR code from installed google authentication.




Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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mohammed abdul nawaz

mohammed abdul nawaz

Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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