Email Vs Recruiter

Few tips: how to impress your recruiters when sending your profile.

Reading a nice prepared email will make recruiter to consider you.
Well prepared email will be considered.

I’ve studied so far in the LinkedIn that many recruiters are providing their emails IDs for profiles to be submitted.

That’s a great chance for an employee to make his/her email unique and make recruiters read.

However, employee ending up his/her chance of getting noticed with below mistakes.

  1. They use sir/madam, that is totally okay if someone isn’t provided a name. however, if a recruiter is provided his/her name or their email id in the post and still, employee writes sir/madam then it’ll be ignored.

2. Not writing a unique email, employee ending up his/her email like a machine or systematic generated emails.

3. Sends emails to recruiters without full and proper information about yourself, the company you work with, the title, the notice period, the city, the signature and so on.

Many things to keep in mind before sending an email.

4. Not providing your LinkedIn link and the company link in emails.

As a professional employee, you’ve to ensure that you send complete information set to make you unique and sounds like a professional pro.

I’ll compose a short and unique email that you guys can utilize the same and if it works for you or at least recruiter contacted you, then you guys need to give me a party :)

One more thing is also important to add the SOURCE, how did you get to know about the job opening.

Source could be anything, it’ll be a referral or the job portal or a LinkedIn. therefore, you need to ensure to append a source tag, this will basically help the recruiters to remember you.

I’m going to use a source LinkedIn here.

A) NOC engineer_LinkedIn ( This subject will give insights to the recruiter that I’m applying for a NOC role and I came to know about the job via LinkedIn)

That really makes sense.

Greet the person to whom you’re sending an email( you guys know all this but going with a flow!)

Body of the email should talk about yourself and the role that you do and the role that you’re applying for and the skills and so on.

Let’s start to compose an email.

NOC engineer_LinkedIn

Hope you’re doing well.

This is Nawaz, returning back your requirement for NOC role and I hold the similar exposure to the role that you’re looking for with some extra skills. however, there may be few skills that can be learned under your leadership and can help us grow personally and as well as professionally.

I’m attaching my profile for further consideration and as well as a video clip of 2 mins describing myself about the role and what work I do.

LinkedIn — Provide your LinkedIn link.

Current company — give the company link here.

Current location — Hyderabad, India, Telangana state.

Notice period — 2 months and negotiable you can add.

Availability — Provide your date and time to schedule a call.

Current CTC— you can add if you want. however, the first thing recruiter asks.

Expected CTC — you can give a number or else as per market I would ask 40% hike on current CTC, it is up-to you.

Closing email — Please feel free to contact me or let me know if you require any further information.

Signature —

Mohammed Abdul Nawaz


That’s it, if you just compose a short and unique email to recruiter that will help them to make you shortlist because, you provided everything in the email and the next call will be to schedule an interview.

Basically, you saved time for a HR to call you back and ask you the company or about the role and the package and notice period and so on.





Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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mohammed abdul nawaz

mohammed abdul nawaz

Just a writer, sharing skills and technology in real time.

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